What Suggestions Does The Mayo Clinic Give To Choose The Right Hearing Aid?

What Suggestions Does The Mayo Clinic Give To Choose The Right Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids do not restore normal hearing, but they can improve your hearing by amplifying sounds you have trouble hearing. There are many brands of hearing aids on the market, but everyone has their preferences on how they look and whether it will provide the functionality you need.

In this guide, we look at the suggestions that the Mayo Clinic give to choose the right hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Style

Hearing aid designers are increasingly manufacturing smaller hearing aids since people with hearing disorders are looking for unnoticeable hearing aids. However, small hearing aids may not be powerful enough to improve your hearing as the more traditional and bigger hearing aids.

The Fit of the Hearing Aid

It is a fact that ears are of different sizes and there is no size fits all. The Mayo Clinic has a 30-day adjustment period where the patients return to the audiologist for consultation and adjustment of the hearing aid. If you cannot adapt to the hearing aid, you may return the hearing aid for credit for replacing the hearing aid.

Features of the Hearing Aid

Given the extent of your hearing loss, the Mayo Clinic will use the features of different hearing aids. This includes directional microphones, noise reduction, rechargeable batteries, telecoils, direct audio input, wireless connectivity, remote controls, variable programming, et al.

Price of the Hearing Aid

Different hearing aids have different features and consequently different prices. Depending on how much you can afford, or your insurance can pay, the audiologists at Mayo Clinic will offer you suggestions that you can afford.

In conclusion, the Mayo Clinic will work with you to suggest the best hearing devices within your price range. However, do not leave the audiologist’s office before you check that the hearing aid works and if you need consultation visits for readjustment of your hearing aid.