Three Schools That Provide Nursing Degrees

Three Schools That Provide Nursing Degrees

Nursing is one of the most robust job markets in the world, and it has seen a significant number of entrants specializing in different fields of medicine. In the wake of the internet, you can take a nursing degree online as well as through the traditional way of enrolling in a nursing school. Below are the three of the best nursing schools in the world that provide nursing degrees.

Johns Hopkins University

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, this private nursing school is one of the world’s best research universities. It is a non-profit, privately owned nursing school and dates back to 1876. It has continually offered a nursing degree for more than a hundred years. Widely acclaimed for the many opportunities it offers its nursing students upon graduation, the university's school of nursing is acclaimed worldwide. The competition is stiff since the school maintains a student-faculty ratio of 13:1.

Yale University

The foundation dates back to 1923. The Yale School of Nursing introduced a groundbreaking model to the medical education field by offering direct training to its nursing students. Before its establishment, nursing students had to prove their competency through an apprenticeship program. This Ivy League nursing school in Orange Connecticut offers full-time and part-time options to its nursing students for graduate level students only. The nursing students have the assurance of the excellence of their tutors since they operate the Yale-sponsored community clinics.

University Of Colorado

Located in Denver Colorado, the University established its nursing school in 1898. The university has received worldwide recognition for its innovative nursing practices. The university’s college of nursing enrolls more than 950 nursing students per year. The university also has two hospitals for excellent practice of the course work.

The US News & World Report recognizes the above nursing schools as among the best places to study for a nursing degree. They are very competitive and offer some of the most advanced technology and in nursing