What is an ABA Degree and how does it differ from an MBA Degree?

What is an ABA Degree and how does it differ from an MBA Degree?

ABA Degree is not of common use, at least not as much as MBA Degree.  Especially since business and finance seems to be the most sought after career out there.  Many seem to want to take a piece of the pie.  But what is an ABA and does it have anything to do with MBA?  Let's take a look.

What is an ABA Degree?

Applied Behavior Analysis programs uses the study of psychology to address the concept and methods of behavior analysis.  Most of the certificates in ABA Degrees deal with behavioral psychology.  The study of such degree also opens doors to the study of how behavior science can be applied to intellectual disabilities or other mental maladies like autism. 

It is important to note here that ABA is not specifically designed for Autism.  An ABA therapist provides such therapy to an individual.  In order for a candidate to become an ABA therapist, they require an associate's or bachelor degree.

What is this degree useful for?

So, an Applied Behavior Analysis degree focuses on the analysis of behavior being observed.   The main purpose of ABA is to help people with mental challenges such as autism, or any other developmental disability, make significant changes in behavior. 

Basically, a person with an ABA Degree can provide help to persons who are mentally challenged.  Through intensive therapy, they can create positive changes towards a better lifestyle. 

Differences between an ABA Degree and an MBA Degree

An MBA Degree, on the other hand, focuses on using finances and economics to run successful businesses.  A person will get an MBA Degree to become more professionalized at their work or to start their own business.

As you can see, there seems to be no relation between ABA and MBA degrees.  One has to do with helping people through therapy and the other has to do with thriving in an ever shrinking economy.