What are the main objectives of the “Teach to Lead” initiative?

What are the main objectives of the “Teach to Lead” initiative?

The importance of education is at an all time high lately. With more students attending school and colleges, teachers have a new role to play.

Teachers now don’t have to wait to become principals to exercise authority or become leaders.

The initiative of “teach to lead” empowers teachers. The art of teaching can then be a powerful medium. Through empowered teachers, students make the most of learning. This is the basic objective of this initiative.

One of the ways to empower teachers is to let them govern their teaching policies. Such opportunities enhance the teacher’s role and also helps develop existing systems and policies of the schools.

This change needs support from all stakeholders in the education system. And so, another objective is to involve people at all levels to empower teachers.

Using technology, the “teach to lead” initiative aims to bring together teachers of all levels, districts and states to voice their ideas, opinions, and discuss matters pertaining to improving the teacher’s role and the education of students.

The online collaboration has been powerful to bring teachers together. Summits are organized to provide teachers a platform to come together. This time and opportunity is used to create a detailed plan of action.

For instance, teachers from the rural areas voiced the problem of the lack of healthcare for students. Students often missed school with untreated ailments, such as trauma, flu, headaches, or even toothaches. The initiative enabled the teachers to lobby for increased healthcare for their students because the teachers came together as one powerful voice.