Three reasons you could have inexplicable bruising

Three reasons you could have inexplicable bruising

Did you just notice that purple bruise on your arm or your leg and have no clue how it come to be? It happens. Many people have inexplicable bruising from time to time. You just don't seem to remember how you got it. Not knowing or having control over what happens to you is disconcerting. But there is more to inexplicable bruising than clumsy forgetfulness.


The medical reasons for bruising that you just cannot explain can take you by surprise. Here are three reasons why you could have inexplicable bruising:



If you have diabetes, your blood sugar levels are affected. When there is a disruption in blood circulation, our body is prone to bruising more often than normal. Sometimes with diabetes, hyperglycemia affects blood vessels damaging them enough to create bruises. Pay attention to some of the symptoms of diabetes, which are excessive thirst, blurred vision, or low immunity.


Aging is a natural process when your body generates new cells at a slower rate than it is used to. Over time, with aging, your skin tends to become thinner. It also appears paler than normal. This change in the outer layer of your skin can cause inexplicable bruising. The blood vessels in your aging skin become very delicate and you can face a lot of bruising issues because of it.

3.Vitamin Deficiency

Your body needs certain vitamins to carry out major functions. You need vitamins for skin repair, to produce more blood, and to heal bruises. Your body has fewer vitamins from time to time, but if it leads to a stage of deficiency, then it can lead to bruising. For example, Vitamin B12 enhances the function of red blood cells. If you lack this vitamin significantly then there will be inexplicable bruising.