The difference between an Associate, a Bachelor, and a Master’s Degree Program

The difference between an Associate, a Bachelor, and a Master’s Degree Program

Whenever you decide to professionalize yourself, your vision is to get better at what you do, or get skilled at what you would like to do, and then get a paycheck.  Now, the check can get thicker depending on the degree you choose.  We will not state as one being better than the rest but to celebrate the many options.

There are many Degree options out there that can help you develop your career.  The choice is yours.  Look for a degree that will bring joy to your life.  We will be discussing the differences between an Associate's, a Bachelor´s, and a Master’s Degree program.

The basic definitions

Let's begin by defining what each one of these Degrees entails.

An Associate Degree is offered by community colleges, business colleges, junior colleges, and in some cases even those colleges that also offer Bachelor degrees.  To complete an Associate Degree will usually take 1-2 years.  This degree is usually taken by students who want to quickly become part of the workforce.

A Bachelor Degree is provided by a college or university in a study time of four years.  In some careers, it can be as long as 5 or 6 years.  A Bachelor program usually includes a major and general studies.

A Master's Degree is probably one of the most popular.  This graduate degree provides a higher level of specialization in order to focus on more specific details of a branch of studies.  Many companies in the United States value a Master´s Degree as an advanced study in a specific academic discipline.  You take a Master´s after completing a Bachelor’s Degree and it usually takes 1-3 years.

The differences

The main differences between these three are time and cost.  Usually, an associate degree will cost less than a Bachelor’s Degree, but mostly the difference is due to the time needed for study.

All three degrees require a High School diploma, and a Master´s Degree requires a Bachelor's degree.  An Associate's Degree can be a window to enroll into a Bachelor’s program, but a candidate can start with a Bachelor’s Degree.