Advantages of frequent oil changes

Advantages of frequent oil changes

If you, like many drivers, aren’t quite sure why oil changes seem to be so important to cars, you aren’t alone. A routine of frequent oil changes is far from ineffective, and absolutely worth the effort and costs.

The first and most obvious effect of frequent oil changes is an increase in the performance and health of your vehicle’s engine. Oil changes let the inner engine parts run smoothly and quietly, lubricating them to reduce wear and tear.

The second effect is cleaning out built-up dirt, debris, and grime that often come from driving in dirty conditions. If you find yourself driving on roads that are not paved, such as gravel roads, non-graveled and off-road tracks, you will have to give your vehicle more frequent oil changes than most people.

Third, if you’re at all conscious of the environment, frequent oil changes are a significant way you can reduce your carbon footprint. This practice reduces emissions released, as newer oil is much better when it comes to burning cleaner.

Fourth, and the most important aspect of it all, is that your engine will last much longer and will run at an improved MPG (or miles per gallon.) This means that frequent oil changes could very well save you money in the long run as your engine performs better and requires less fuel. It can also save you money because your vehicle will need fewer repairs. Frequent oil changes extend the life of your vehicle’s engine.

Each manufacturer has a suggested oil change schedule which is recommended for the particular vehicle they produce. It is wise to adhere to their schedule.